Reverse Engineering challenge #60.

Tags: X86 FPU ASM L1 .

This piece of code...

#include <stdio.h>

double d_max (double a, double b)
	if (a>b)
		return a;

	return b;

int main()
	// test
	printf ("%f\n", d_max (1.2, 3.4));
	printf ("%f\n", d_max (5.6, -4));

... is compiled by optimizing GCC 4.8.1 into the following piece of 32-bit x86 assembly code:

	fld	QWORD PTR [esp+4]
	fld	QWORD PTR [esp+12]
	fxch	st(1)
	fucomi	st, st(1)
	fcmovbe	st, st(1)
	fstp	st(1)

Try to eliminate the FXCH instruction, and test it.

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