Reverse Engineering challenge #24.

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Here is the simplest possible calculator program, simplified version of bc UNIX utility:

(unsigned) dec: 579 hex: 0x243  bin: 1001000011

(unsigned) dec: 12 hex: 0xC  bin: 1100

(unsigned) dec: 4294967286 hex: 0xFFFFFFF6  bin: 11111111111111111111111111110110
(signed) dec: -10 hex: -0xA  bin: -1010

(unsigned) dec: 10 hex: 0xA  bin: 1010

It is known that it supports 4 arithmetic operations and negative numbers can be denoted with minus before the number. But it's also known that there are at least 7 undocumented features. Try to find them all.

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